Cute Baby Chicks Thinks That Chocolate Labrador Lucky His Mom!
  • 11.06.2021
  • 67668

So cute. Lucky is just chillin

Amazing 26 Days Old Chocolate Labradors First Time Outside!
  • 11.06.2021
  • 13292

Puppies are playing outside for the first time ever at 26 days old!

Feeding And Playing Time For Adorable Labrador Puppies
  • 11.06.2021
  • 2881

My God, what a beautiful scene I can love my dear puppies

Noisy Chocolate Labs Turn 3 Weeks Old!
  • 11.06.2021
  • 9132

What better way to start off the week than with some of the absolute cutest chocolate Labrador puppies! It's the squeals for me

9 Day Old Chocolate Labs!!
  • 11.06.2021
  • 530

Name something better than sleepy chocolate lab puppies... I bet you can't! Talk about a pure cuteness overload! 🐾😍

10 Best Things About LABRADORS
  • 11.06.2021
  • 589

Why you should get a Labrador? These are the 10 best things you need to know

Five Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You
  • 11.06.2021
  • 557

My dog is the reason I can't wait to get home from work in the evenings!

Here Is Why Labrador Retrievers Are A Supreme Dog Breed
  • 11.06.2021
  • 3429

labs....are sweet breed n world best breed...i love it labs....

Proof Of Why You Need A Labrador In Your Life
  • 11.06.2021
  • 17405

They are such a great breed

Proof Of Why You Need A Labrador In Your Life
  • 11.06.2021
  • 191

Labradors! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them! 😍

What A Labrador Does When She Is Home Alone
  • 11.06.2021
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This is the funniest video I have ever seen. Your sound effects are hysterical. Lucy is on a roll

Labrador Clings To Owner During Hug After Surgery To Remove Lump From Neck
  • 08.06.2021
  • 135780

The man and dog can’t stop hugging each other. The dad is so happy his dog made it through, he can’t stop kissing him.

Reserved Orphaned Elephant Builds A Special Bond With Playful Labrador
  • 08.06.2021
  • 24304

This story is about the special bond of a 32-year-old African elephant and a 3-year-old Labrador. They look like a giant and a tiny but two odd friends can’t be happier to stay together.

1 Day Old Adorable Chocolate Labrador Puppies!
  • 03.06.2021
  • 142213

Enjoy this cuteness overload of some 1 day old chocolate Labrador puppies