Yellow Labrador Meets Chocolate Labrador For The First Time
  • 13.02.2022
  • 96888

It can be best meeting ever

Baylee The Deep Diving Labrador!
  • 26.12.2021
  • 365392

This little girl absolutely loves the water! She is 18 months old.

This Talented Labrador Dives And Catch Lobsters
  • 26.12.2021
  • 7852

I'm more impressed on how the dog sees underwater in saltwater

Hilarious Jumping Labrador
  • 26.12.2021
  • 8020

They are one of the best jumping breed

Labrador with Broken Back Abandoned by His Owner. Only Christmas Miracle can Help him
  • 26.12.2021
  • 5673

This has made me so happy. What a beautiful doggy.

Tucker the Dock Jumping Lab!
  • 26.12.2021
  • 2514

Beautiful dog, Great shots, Great swimmer Tucker is lol

Labrador Long Jump Competition
  • 26.12.2021
  • 1446

Labrador Retriever water dog jumping competition in Libertyville, Illinois

How to Train Your Labrador to Stop Jumping
  • 26.12.2021
  • 3501

In this video you will learn an easy and effective method for teaching your dog to choose to sit to ask for attention, instead of jumping

Labrador Retriever Family Barking
  • 26.12.2021
  • 7995

Such a great and lovely family

Adorable Labrador Get's Groomed!
  • 26.12.2021
  • 1214

It has the sweetest temperament

Black Labrador Lucky Doing Amazing Tricks
  • 26.12.2021
  • 5011

Such an adorable big boy

Brave Labrador Jumping Off Rocks Into Water!
  • 26.12.2021
  • 3199

I dont have enough courage to do this

Cute Labrador Climbs up Vertical Ladder after Jumping into River
  • 20.11.2021
  • 208704

That dog climbed that ladder more gracefully than I ever could.

Adorable Friendship Between Elephant and Black Labrador
  • 20.11.2021
  • 6927

This is one of the most adorable animal friendships that we’ve seen in a long time